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News and events at the National Crime Prevention Council

News Item Redefining Respect in America
"Redefining Respect in America" Hosted by National Crime Prevention Council
News Item New School Safety Resources!
The National Crime Prevention Council, home of McGruff the Crime Dog, brings you new resources to support your school safety efforts and teach children how to stay safe. Each of these resources is now available for download!
News Item Identity Smart Educates Consumers
News Item Latest Podcasts in the Advanced Campus Security Series
News Item Join CSC Discussion
Join the Discussion forum to share ideas for CSC events, ask questions, and learn how to sustain community involvement in public safety year-round from other practitioners in the field.
News Item Crime Prevention Month’s Poster Celebration
News Item Circle of Respect Interview with Sandra McLeod-Humphrey
Circle of Respect’s November book club selection features Sandra McLeod-Humphrey’s book Hot Issues, Cool Choices
News Item Testimony of Ann Harkins President and CEO NCPC
Testimony of Ann Harkins President and CEO National Crime Prevention Council before The House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science 2013.
News Item NCPC President talks about the Circle of Respect initiative
Ann Harkins shares some of the creative ways NCPC is partnering with the community to reduce bullying and cyberbullying
News Item You Need A Personal Safety Plan for Black Friday
Important Safety Tips From NCPC Make Holiday Shopping Go Smoothly.
News Item Circle of Respect Podcast with Elaine Beale
Elaine Beale Speaks with NCPC's Kelsey Tokar about the importance of helping youth.
News Item Safety First Holiday Safety Tips for Last Minute Shoppers
The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) reminds last-minute holiday shoppers to keep safety in mind as they hunt for those last-minute bargains.
News Item Cold Weather Prime Time for “Warm-up Thefts”
Washington DC – Have you heard about warm-up thefts?
News Item In Support of our fallen Officers
The National Crime Prevention Council extends our condolences to the families, friends, and fellow law enforcement colleagues of the eleven police officers who were wounded or tragically lost their lives.
News Item February book club Feature: Good-Bye Bully Machine
Dr. Beane speaks with NCPC’s Kelsey Tokar about the importance of bystander intervention and what kids can do, at any age, to help prevent and stop bullying in their school or community.
News Item NCPC’s in the new Student Health 101 issue!
Check out the “Take a Stand Against Cyberbullying” article
News Item Circle of Respect’s March book club features Fruit of the Vine
Ellen and Ken speak with NCPC’s Robin Young about the concept of “real friends” and the importance of teaching youth acceptance and kindness.
News Item On March 11, 2011, Ann Harkins, President and CEO of NCPC
testified before the House Commerce
News Item Ann M. Harkins of the National Crime Prevention Council Wins BRAVA! Smart CEO Award
on July 27, 2011.
Link Local Home Safety Event
Join the Palm Springs Police Department in Florida for the Home Safety Fair on October 1 2011
Link McGruff the Crime Dog Reveals his new look
Crime Prevention Month kicks off with McGruff the Crime Dog ready to fight crime in his new Costume at Home Depot Kid's Safety Event!
News Item National Crime Prevention Council Joins DHS Secretary
Janet Napolitano to Discuss Cybersecurity at NASDAQ
News Item A Celebrate Safe Communities Event Makes Local TV News
Celebrate Safe Communities event!
News Item New Book Club Feature: Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25
Richard Paul Evans novel.
News Item Intellectual Property Theft: Get Real
A new public education campaign to increase public awareness about the health and economic harm caused by counterfeit goods.
News Item The NCPC’s Intellectual Property Theft Campaign
Made a Powerful Launch at the White House Tuesday, November 29. Read NCPC’s President and CEO, Ann Harkins, outstanding remarks to an impressive campaign.
News Item Sign up for NCPC’s revised Campus Crime Prevention training
Classes fill up fast! Courses available now at..
Link NCPC Highlights Classic Signs That Could Lead to School Violence and Tragedy
National Crime Prevention Council Offers Tips on School Safety Following News of Ohio School Shooting.
News Item April 26, 2012 marks the 12th annual World Intellectual Property Day
Theft of intellectual property (illegal downloads, buying counterfeit products, or stealing inventions, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights) is a worldwide problem.
File NCPC’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ann Harkins
testifies before the House Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations Subcommittee.
News Item Safety in Numbers
On Mar 27-29, the Harborside Campus may have been the safest campus in New England.
Link Intellectual property theft is a growing crime in America
The Heck Of A Bunch blog has posted a feature in support the Intellectual Property Crime initiative
Link Build a positive relationship with your police department
According to the National Crime Prevention Council, communities that have strong relationships with their police departments have safer communities. Read more..
Link McGruff SafeGuard Browser
protects kids and teens when surfing online on mobile devices. The most trusted name in family Safety.
Link As Police Budgets Are Cut, Citizens Step In
Residents are even supplementing the work of short-staffed police forces in some places. Michelle Boykins of the NCPC says ..
Link New Products
One of NCPC’s valued licensees, Geiger, has just announced new Celebrate Safe Communities products and themed products based on our new 2012 themes!
Link Neighborhoods Celebrating a Safer Greenwood
Healthy Greenwood Neighborhoods now collaborating with the National Crime Prevention Council and Celebrate Safe Communities are set to participate in Neighborhoods Celebrating a Safer Greenwood
Link Back-To-School App for Child Safety
The free McGruff SafeGuard Child-Safe browser’s new “Learn Mode”
News Item McGruff and the Missing Sock Puppet Comic Book
ANRO has printed a new comic book to support CSC in their crime prevention efforts
News Item United Way begins its 2013 campaign
Steve Parker, the well-known voice of McGruff the Crime Dog, served as a keynote speaker for the 2013 United Way fundraising campaign.
News Item FOX19 Investigates: How to detect a scam
Fraud prevention requires consumer education and awareness. Learn about a new mobile device application that will help do just that
News Item October Marks Crime Prevention Month
A Time to Celebrate Safe Communities Nationwide
News Item Upcoming CSC Events
Celebrate Safe Communities highlights October as Crime Prevention Month with countless local events nation wide. Read more!
News Item McGruff House® and McGruff Truck® Programs Close
The world has changed significantly in those 30 years
News Item Mortgage Fraud Initiative Tracks
by Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies
News Item New Video Black Friday Safety Tips
We want you to be safe on this upcoming Black Friday. Click to read safety tips!
News Item Connecticut Tragedy Leads Parents and Schools to Reexamine Their Own Schools’ Safety Plans
The National Crime Prevention Council provides parents, students and educators with school safety tips
News Item Basic Crime Prevention Skills Workshop
Thanks to all who attended our Crime Prevention.
News Item Crime Prevention
Michelle Boykins of the National Crime Prevention Council discusses cyberbullying,
News Item NCPC Visits the Nicaraguan National Police to Share Principles, Techniques and Best Practices of CPTED
NCPC convenes two five-day training sessions on CPTED, bringing together key stakeholders in the area of crime
News Item Growing Up McGruff: Damien Hudson Story
“Find something you like to do, and are good at, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” said Sheriff J.B. Smith
News Item NCPC’s recent campus crime prevention officer training
at the University of Toronto was a great success
News Item Free Registration for Mortgage Fraud Virtual Conference to watch on Demand:
Protecting Homeowners, Empowering Victims. Register Now and watch the conference on demand.
News Item National Police Week
In honor of National Police Week, please read an excerpt from NCPC’s President and CEO, Ann M. Harkins, who delivered an impassioned speech on May 13th at the Lexington Police Foundation Awards Dinner.
News Item NCPC and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investor Education Foundation
announce a new partnership
News Item The nomination window for the 2013 L. Anthony Sutin Civic Imagination Award opens today!
Awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services
News Item IACP & Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards
News Item Help Observe Elder Abuse Awareness Day June 14 with New Resources
Learn about the red flags of abuse affecting 1 out of 10 seniors in the United States
News Item McGruff the Crime Dog® and AlertID Help Keep Kids Safe on July 4th
NCPC and AlertID join forces to provide important safety tips and advice
News Item McGruff the Crime Dog Celebrates His 33rd Birthday on July 1, 2013
Iconic symbol of the NCPC celebrates another successful year
News Item AlertID and McGruff the Crime Dog® Share “Back to School” Tips to Protect Kids
Kids around the country are getting ready to go back to school and their safety is always a top priority.
News Item “When the Going Gets Scruff,”
New Animated Video Teaches Young Children How to Handle Bullying, NCPC releases new bullying prevention video nationwide
News Item 2013 - 2014 Crime Prevention Month Kit
Download your free copy of NCPC’s 2013-2014 Crime Prevention Month kit, which was created with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation: Protecting Our Assets: Keeping Communities Safe from Financial Fraud.
News Item October is Crime Prevention Month
Time to Celebrate Safe Communities, click here for upcoming CSC Events.
News Item Security is always top of mind
Home safety tips
News Item Ann M. Harkins, President and CEO of NCPC, was recently featured in “Profiles in Success,”
a collection of profiles on executive leaders in the Washington D.C. area. The publication—which celebrates innovation, entrepreneurialism, and positive spirit
News Item Introducing Voices
We’re proud to announce the launch of Voices — a free, all-digital magazine where teens talk to teens about bullying. The magazine was created to promote respect in schools and classroom, and it provides students with an opportunity to speak for themselves.
News Item New PSA Campaign
Encourages Firearms Owners to “Lock It Up” When Not In Use and Provides Firearms Safety Resources for Families.1.4 Million American Households Have Unlocked Firearms that Could Fall into the Wrong Hands .
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