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Free Registration for Mortgage Fraud Virtual Conference to watch on Demand:

Protecting Homeowners, Empowering Victims. Register Now and watch the conference on demand.

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As part of the National Crime Prevention Council’s (NCPC) public education campaign, the organization is hosting its first-ever free, nationwide virtual conference on mortgage fraud – a crime that has experienced elevated levels since the economic downfall of late 2007. An estimated $10 billion in loans originated with fraudulent application data in 2010, according to the latest national figures from the FBI’s “2010 Mortgage Fraud Report.”

Meanwhile, the National Crime Prevention Council’s 2010 Mortgage Fraud Survey indicates that only 38 percent of respondents make any kind of attempt to validate the license of a real estate professional or lawyer when purchasing a home – providing ample opportunity for fraudsters to thrive.  NCPC monitors current and emerging crime trends to provide citizens with the information they need to avoid falling victim to many common crimes. As part of NCPC’s continuing efforts to provide citizens with this information, the organization is hosting this free virtual conference on mortgage fraud prevention. 

Funded through grants by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance and Office for Victims of Crime, the conference will feature two tracks – prevention and victim support – to provide the latest information and resources on how to prevent mortgage fraud and how to help its victims. The conference features expert speakers on the topics of mortgage fraud, preventing vacant property crime, and supporting victim advocacy. The speakers carry expertise from a variety of backgrounds such as government agencies, nonprofits, and law enforcement.

Noteworthy speakers include
•Ann M. Harkins, President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council
•Kristen Mahoney, Deputy Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance
•Joye Frost, Acting Director, Office for Victims of Crime
•Michael Bresnick, Executive Director, Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force
•Michael Stolworthy, Director of Fraud Prevention, Department of Housing and Urban Development

For more information on session speakers and to view the full agenda please visit the registration page and invite others to register for free during the all-day virtual conference.

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