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Session 4

Learning Objectives: This session examines what it takes to create safe and secure communities. Students will focus on effective . . .

Learning Objectives:

This session examines what it takes to create safe and secure communities. Students will focus on effective crime prevention strategies, and learn how they can help create safer communities.

 Tips to Enhance Session 4:

Engage students in a discussion focused on reducing opportunities for crime in their communities (to supplement Steps C, D, and Handout 1). Develop this discussion into a brainstorming session of possible student-led service learning projects. You can use the following discussion questions:

  1. How can teens reduce crime among teens who know one another?
  2. Why don’t teens report crime? Why should teens report crime?
  3. What impact does crime have in your community?
  4. What could be done to make teens feel safer?

Teach teens about the purpose of service-learning projects. Define service-learning, and distribute the “Road Map” found on pages 2 and 3 of the Charting Success workbook. Use the “Road Map” in addition to the concept map found in Community Works Step E. Or, have students complete the “Road Map” as a homework assignment.

 Web Resources: This site provides crime statistics for cities and towns throughout the United States. Students can compare their city with others and learn where they rank, then determine ways to make their community safer.

 Community Resource People:

Neighborhood Watch member: This community resource person can share information about ways to keep communities safe, and can offer insight into citizen involvement in crime prevention.

Keep in mind that you should give the community resource person session materials at least one week before he or she participates in your class.

 Service-Learning Project Ideas:

Your students should have come up with a few project ideas during class. To keep these youth actively involved in service-learning, consider the following ideas.

  • Short Project: Students can create “I Can Make a Difference” posters, illustrating ways youth can prevent crime in their communities.
  • Medium-Length Project: Students can conduct a neighborhood clean-up. Prior to the project, students should create public interest and solicit help by putting up posters and creating fliers advertising the event. Then, many people from the community can have a stake in maintaining their safety and the safety of others.
  • Long Project: Students can create their own school safety and crime watch. Share Citizen Volunteers to Prevent Crime and Youth Safety Corps information with your students. Then, students can conduct a school safety audit (PDF) and decide on methods and projects to implement to keep students safe.
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