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Information and advice on funding and grant opportunities

I'm ready to implement, now how much is this going to cost?

The Teens, Crime and the Community program is a relatively low-cost program. The TCC binder for schools or community settings, Community Works: Smart Teens Make Safer Communities, costs $119 per copy and includes 31 sessions with reproducible handouts, a copy of the Charting Success workbook for developing an action project, and posters for your classroom. Each site needs only one copy.

Additional costs may include materials for action projects (supplies and transportation, etc); training for teachers, youth and community resource persons; costs for the training site, training materials and supplies, guest speakers, and substitute teachers during training, etc., and student participation awards.

How do I find funding?

A wide range of resources has enabled TCC to be implemented in schools, communities, and juvenile justice institutions.

Many participants in TCC programs have received financial support from schools, local and state governments, private corporations and foundations, and community organizations.

TCC sites have received funding from outside sources, including the Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Act, state juvenile justice grants, local law enforcement block grants, minigrants from Weed and Seed, and public housing antidrug and antiviolence funds. Others have used fundraising activities as a way for youth to be involved and gain responsibility for their community.

Remember, many organizations are more than willing to help support a program that involves youth who are working to make the community a safer, more vital place.

Read advice on how to effectively raise funds and see if you qualify for current grant opportunities.

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