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Register for Preventing Teen Identity Theft and Generation MySpace: Making Smart Decisions.

TCC is offering a Web-based seminar (webinar) for middle and high school students entitled Preventing Teen Identity Theft and Generation MySpace: Making Smart Decisions.

During this two-part webinar, teens will learn

(Part One)

  • Why it's important to keep personal information private
  • How identity thieves operate
  • Ways to prevent identity theft
  • What to do if they become victims of identity theft

(Part Two)

  • The dangers of social networking
  • How to use social networking sites safely
  • The importance of protecting personal information and avoiding inappropriate places on the Internet
  • How to report crime

Please plan to reserve a conference room, computer lab, and/or the appropriate equipment if you are participating in this webinar as a group. If you are participating with a group using one computer and one phone, only one person should register. That person will obtain access to the webinar and share participation with others. If you have any questions about this Webinar please contact us

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