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Teen Volunteers Campaign

Information and public service announcements for promoting volunteering among teens

Did you know?

Almost nine out of ten teens would volunteer to take part in programs to help prevent crime and drug abuse if they knew how to get involved.

Forty-nine percent of young Americans see volunteering for community activities as most important for civic life.

Teens have a crucial role to play in preventing crime and violence. You have unique talents, valuable ideas, and creative solutions you can use to fight crime in your community. NCPC’s Teen Volunteers media campaign encourages teens like you to volunteer as a way of preventing crime and building safer communities. The best way to volunteer is to find an activity you already like to do and use it to help others.

Love animals? Volunteer at the local animal shelter. Consider yourself a math whiz? Tutor kids after school. Enjoy reading? Share your love of books by reading to younger children, seniors, or the visually impaired.

At NCPC we believe that young people can and do make a difference. In this campaign, we encourage you to do something fun and enjoyable that can also help your community. Maybe there is a particular hobby that interests you. In the television ad "Football,” a teenager learns that he can volunteer as a coach for the Peewee football team. By teaching kids how to play football, he does something good for the community and enjoys himself at the same time.

NCPC’s print, billboard, and mall poster PSAs portray two similar images of a teenage girl. In the top image, she’s talking on the phone in her bedroom; in the bottom, she’s talking on the phone at a Teen Hotline center.

The radio PSAs use a game show format to demonstrate the many ways teens can volunteer in their community. All the PSAs conclude with the tagline “Do what you like to do. Volunteer.”

And don’t forget to visit the USA Freedom Corps' volunteer database designed to help you find volunteer opportunities in your community. So get ready, get set, and … do what you like to do - volunteer!

Volunteering: Do What You Like To Do For ideas on how you can volunteer in your community, order a copy of Volunteering: Do What You Like To Do, or download one (PDF).

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