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Workplace Safety

Take crime prevention to work.

Many people spend a good portion of their time at work. This means it’s just as important to use crime prevention skills in the workplace as it is at home and in the neighborhood. Whether the place of business is corporate headquarters, a restaurant, a store, an auto repair shop, or a person’s home, common-sense prevention skills can make the workday safer for everyone.

The manager or owner of a business will have additional concerns as he or she must be on the lookout for vandalism, shoplifting, fraud, and other problems. In addition, employers need to make sure their employees are safe not only from unauthorized “visitors” or angry customers but, at times, from each other. This means employers must be careful in hiring, verifying references and credentials, and doing background checks when appropriate. And every company, no matter how small, should have an emergency plan in place.

Information about Workplace Safety

Tips for Staying Safe at Work
A simple list of things people can do to stay safe at work

Training on Workplace Safety

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) theories contend that law enforcement officers, architects, city planners, landscape and interior designers, and resident volunteers can create a climate of safety in a community right from the start.

Downloadable Resources on Workplace Safety

Title Description Size
File A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business: Safety Tips These safety tips and checklists concerning workplace safety complement the booklet, and provide ideas for making your building or office a safer place. 325.4 kB
File Keeping Insider Information Inside A reproducible brochure with guidelines for employees on keeping company information protected 357.7 kB
File Prevention at Work A list of tips for preventing emergencies in the workplace 28.0 kB
File Take Crime Prevention to Work A reproducible brochure with tips on staying safe in the workplace 400.5 kB
File United for a Stronger America: A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business A Safe Workplace Is Everybody's Business program provides a framework in which businesses can examine their safety and security measures, strengths and weakness... 1.2 MB
File Working Safely At Home Informative brochure on working safely from home 30.4 kB
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