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Drug Abuse

Tips, information, and publications aimed at preventing substance abuse

The use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is the major health problem facing our nation’s youth, as it can quickly lead to addiction, associated chronic diseases, failure at school, and delinquency.

A 2001 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that one in five 12- to 17-year-olds had used marijuana - which is continually cultivated to be more potent than ever - at some time. In 2001, about one in nine in this age group had used an illegal drug in the past month. Almost half of those who smoked cigarettes in the past month had also used illegal drugs. According to another SAMHSA study the same year, only one in 20 teens who did not smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol had used illegal drugs.

As a result, there’s every reason to believe that early education and intervention can keep kids on track.

Information about Drug Abuse

Bath Salts and Synthetic Drugs Fact sheet. Click here to download.

Elementary Drug Prevention Brochure Part1 - Click here to download the information

Elementary Drug Prevention Brochure Part2 - Click here to download the information

How Parents Can Prevent Drug Abuse
Research shows that the main reason that kids don't use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs is because of their parents

Girls and Drug Abuse
Tips for parents on dealing with girls and drug abuse

Inhalant Abuse
Information for identifying and preventing inhalant abuse

Techniques that adults can use to prevent drug abuse by youth

Publications and Products on Drug Abuse

Positive Change Through Policy
This online guide features examples of policies that create safer communities

Downloadable Resources on Drug Abuse

Size Description Title
4.5 MB Reproducible brochure with facts and advice about alcohol for teenagers File Dangers of Drinking
335.5 kB Reproducible handout that identifies the risks of smoking for teenagers File Don't Go Up In Smoke
746.1 kB Reproducible brochure for teenagers on preventing drug abuse by their peers File Don't Lose a Friend to Drugs
199.6 kB A cartoon strip about educating your children about drugs File Drugs are Bad
66.8 kB Informative brochure with facts about alcohol-related accidents for young adults File Dying To Drink? The Hard Facts
348.1 kB Reproducible brochure with ideas for celebrating safely on campus File Has boredom set in? Studies getting you down? IT'S PARTY TIME!
341.7 kB Reproducible handout on the facts regarding marijuana use and consequences for teenagers File Marijuana: Common, Dangerous, and Still Illegal
11.4 MB This presentation covers the history of meth; what meth is; what meth looks like; street names; signs, symptoms, and methods of use; side effects of meth abuse;... File Methamphetamine Abuse and Clandestine Laboratories
26.5 kB Reproducible brochure about the harmful effects of methamphetamines File Methamphetamine: Nothing to Rave About
212.4 kB A cartoon strip that shows normal kids don't use drugs. File Normal Kids
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