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Conflict Resolution

Information on controlling anger intended to promote nonviolence and diplomacy

Are people fighting more these days, or does it just seem that way? Whatever the case, learning to resolve conflicts can help young people break down barriers, become leaders, and even prevent deadly confrontations.

Conflict can be negative - in its ultimate form it can lead to war - but it can also be positive, depending on how it’s resolved. For example, it can help get feelings out in the open, help people learn from disagreements, resolve problems, gain someone more respect, or enable people to learn that others are willing to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. In fact, conflict is a natural human process that doesn’t have to lead to violence; conflict resolution and anger management techniques can provide opportunities for people to grow and improve their relationships and the quality of life of those around them despite the inevitable disagreements that arise.

Information about Conflict Resolution

Teen Dating Violence 
Tips for Parents

Tips on Conflict Resolution
A quick list of things to remember when managing conflict

Conflict Management for Parents
Information for parents on conflict management and resolution in kids

Anger Management for Teens
Advice for teens on controlling anger

Activities and Lesson Plans for Kids K - 5
These activities were created by teachers and reviewed by teachers, principals, law enforcement officers, and community members to ensure their quality and effectiveness.

Publications and Products on Conflict Resolution

Helping Kids Handle Conflict
This book is a guide for teaching children non-violent ways to settle arguments, deal with bullies, and avoid fights

Programs on Conflict Resolution

Teens, Crime, and the Community
The Teens, Crime, and the Community (TCC) initiative has motivated more than one million young people to create safer schools and neighborhoods. TCC's Community Works program helps teens understand how crime affects them and their families, friends, and communities, and it involves them in crime prevention projects to help make their communities safer and more vital.

Downloadable Resources on Conflict Resolution

Size Description Title
897.0 kB Reproducible brochure on managing anger File Calling All Hotheads - Tips on Keeping Cool in an Angry World
441.6 kB Reproducible brochure on managing and resolving conflict File Making Peace: Tips on Conflict Management
389.5 kB A reproducible brochure about the causes behind bullying and how to resolve it File Power Tripping
727.2 kB SCRUFF is an anagram for conflict management advice File Scruff's Steps for Managing Conflict
220.4 kB A cartoon strip dealing with setting a good attitude example for children File Where Does She Get It?
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