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Ideas for Volunteers

If you want to get involved, here are some ideas to get you started

  • Parents can take an active role in formulating the safety and security plans at their children’s school.
  • Parents can help develop recreational and educational programs for young people so that they will have better alternatives than drugs, alcohol, and gangs, and can benefit from adult supervision and mentoring.
  • Young people can start a conflict resolution program at school.
  • Young people can report incidents of discrimination or hate crime to parents and teachers.
  • Adults can organize forums to examine possible sources of bigotry and hate violence in the community and develop preventive actions.
  • Adults should know their company’s emergency plans. If their company doesn’t have one, they can volunteer to help develop one.
  • Adults can volunteer to coordinate special emergency plans for colleagues who are disabled or who may require assistance during an emergency.
  • Volunteers can assist the police by staffing community policing substations.
  • Volunteers can assist front counter personnel at police stations by answering inquiries and directing citizens to the right police unit.
  • Volunteers can assist the police by participating in search-and-rescue activities.
  • Volunteers can provide traffic or crowd control.
  • University researchers, statisticians, and criminologists can help law enforcement agencies conduct research.
  • Bilingual individuals can help with translation.
  • Everyone can participate in Neighborhood Watch.
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