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Preventing Theft

TCC's teen theft prevention campaign addresses teen identity theft and the theft of personal, portable property in schools.

Teens today are faced with theft in schools and the looming threat of identity theft as they become young adults. (About one-third of reported identity theft victims are between the ages of 18 and 29). The fact sheets below (available as PDF files) will help teens learn how to protect their identities and possessions. You can also download fact sheets for adults, who can help teach teens about theft.

Fact Sheets for Teens
Teens: Protect Your Identity From Thieves
A Teen's Guide to Protecting Portable Property

Fact Sheets for Adults
Protecting Teens from Identity Theft: A Guide for Adults
Protecting Teens From Property Theft in Schools: Tips for Adults

Theft prevention posters are also available. You can view and print a free, letter-sized copy of each poster below. You can also order the posters online or call 800-NCPC-911.

Identity Theft Prevention Poster
Property Theft Prevention Poster

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