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Community Works Requirements Checklist

January 2007 article

This year the national TCC office asked Community Works users to follow a few new program requirements. In case you have questions about the new requirements, review the following implementation checklist.

First, in order to become a registered Community Works instructor/site, you must complete the Community Works Site Agreement Form (PDF). The Site Agreement Form allows the national office to keep track of all active Community Works sites. This form requires the signature of the instructor and the administrator of your site, each year. By completing and submitting this form, sites will receive the TCC Youth in Service newsletter, access to the TCC Members Only website materials and resources, technical assistance, and eligibility to receive funds for their Community Works class.

After you submit the Site Agreement Form, use the following checklist to make sure that you are following the implementation requirements for the Community Works program:

Complete a minimum of 15-25 contact hours teaching the required curriculum sessions:

  • Session 2: What Is Crime?
  • Session 3: Victims of Crime
  • Session 4: Safe and Secure Communities
  • Session 6: Our Community‚Äôs Resources
  • Session 7: Your Conflict Choices
  • Session 8: Conflict, Communicating, and Working Together
  • Session 10: Designing a Project
  • Session 11: Doing a Project

Two additional topical sessions (Volume Two)

  • Use community resource people to supplement lessons
  • Complete a minimum of one youth-led service-learning project
  • Allow one visit by state and/or national program staff, if contacted
  • Complete and return the Community Works User Survey form at the conclusion of the class or semester. (If teaching a new group of students during the fall and spring semesters, the instructor must complete the forms for each individual class.

By completing the Site Agreement Form and User Survey, you are informing the national TCC office of your implementation status. By implementing your program according to the requirements listed above, you will be eligible to receive money to support your Community Works program. This money is only available to sites that complete all program requirements. The funding opportunities are:

Service-learning Grant
Existing Community Works sites are eligible to apply for a service-learning grant if they have submitted their Site Agreement Form as well as the User Survey from the last semester in which they taught Community Works. The $500 TCC grant supports youth-led service-learning projects and is available four times a year. If you are a new Community Works site, and have not yet submitted a User Survey, you can still apply for the grant.

Instructor Stipend
Instructors who have successfully implemented Community Works and have completed the Site Agreement Form and User Survey will be eligible to apply for an instructor stipend of $250 per calendar year. If you have questions regarding the instructor stipend or the service-learning grant, please contact us.

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