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Session 26

Learning Objectives: In this session, teens will focus on diversity and bias awareness. They will start by discussing the . . .

Learning Objectives:

In this session, teens will focus on diversity and bias awareness. They will start by discussing the positive aspects of diversity, then look at themselves and the many labels that could be used to describe them. They will examine stereotyping and prejudice and consider what it feels like to be on both the sending and receiving ends of stereotypes. Finally, they will practice objecting to a stereotype.


 Tips to Enhance Session 26: 

 Web Resources:
  • ACLU, Stand Up!: Provides information for youth about diversity awareness, racial justice, and LBGTQ rights.
  • Human Rights Campaign: Includes information about the fight for, and necessity of, equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.
  • NAACP: Offers information about eradicating racial injustice and discrimination and ensuring rights for all people.
  • Anti-Defamation League: Provides information about hate crimes based on religion (particularly Judaism) and religious tolerance.
  • Includes information for parents, educators, children, and youth about teaching tolerance and preventing hate crimes.

 Community Resource People:

  • School counselor or mediator: Can ease tensions that arise during the session (particularly during Step C).

Remember to give the CRP the session materials at least one week before he or she participates in your class.


 Service-Learning Project Ideas:

  • Short Project:  Students can conduct a survey inquiring whether their peers accept diversity issues, if they are acquainted with people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, etc. Then, students can create a diversity bookmark to pass out to peers that addresses one of the findings of the survey, and reminds students to be accepting of diversity.
  • Medium-Length Project:  Students can plan a rap or poetry slam contest. The contest, similar to a talent show, will allow teens to express their thoughts about diversity issues and bias awareness through original lyrics. Students could secure a venue and sell tickets to the show and snacks to raise money for an organization that supports civil rights, works with people of different races or ethnic groups, etc.
  • Long Project:  Students can hold a cultural diversity fair. The fair can include speakers, musicians, art, food, etc. that represent a variety of cultures. The fair can help raise awareness among students and community members of other cultures.
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