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Community Resource People

In TCC, everyone in the community has a role to play. Using people from the community can help reinforce . . .

In TCC, everyone in the community has a role to play. Using people from the community can help reinforce lessons in TCC.

Youth that are involved in a TCC group or class are doing so not only to reinforce important academic skills, but also to gain information and develop attitudes that will help them to become economically independent, law-abiding members of our community. It is important that these students see positive adult models in various roles in the community, especially the legal community.

Community resource people can enhance TCC programs by providing professional expertise and positive relationships between youth and adults.

Community resource people benefit teens because they:

  • Break down barriers between young people and the community.
  • Make the lesson come alive by introducing real-life experiences.
  • Act as excellent role models.
  • Provide career information. Community resource people benefit TCC instructors because they:
  • Offer expertise in areas that the instructor is less familiar with.
  • Connect the instructor to new community resources.
  • Ensure that your learning time is dynamic and continually fresh.

Examples of Community Resource People

  • Business owners
  • Community mediators
  • Detectives
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Drug rehabilitation workers
  • Elected officials - city council member, mayor
  • Emergency room doctors and nurses
  • Firefighters
  • Grief counselors
  • Judges
  • Lawyers
  • Mental health counselors
  • A person who is part of a group that teens have little contact with to provide a multicultural perspective
  • Neighborhood watch organizers
  • People who have been the victims of crime
  • Police officers
  • Police with special skills areas (hostage negotiator, suicide prevention, community policing, etc.)
  • Rape crisis counselors
  • Victims service workers

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