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These reproducible worksheets teach children skills that will help them to protect themselves and stay safe. They serve to reinforce crime prevention lessons and give children the opportunity to practice safe behaviors, problem solving, and decision making.

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copyright information and suggested uses for reproducible worksheets for children
File McGruff's Halloween Safety Tips and Maze (PDF)
A handout with tips for kids and a jack-o-lantern maze
File McGruff's Halloween Safety Quiz and Coloring Page (PDF)
A handout with four multiple-choice questions (and upside-down answers) and a picture of McGruff in costume for kids to color
File McGruff's TV Violence Scorecard (PDF)
This media literacy activity sheet for grades 1-2 asks viewers to measure the violent incidents in a television program.
File If You Find A Gun... (PDF)
Color in the four steps to follow if you find a gun.
File Say Goodbye to Bullies (PDF)
Solve the math equations and find the secret messages.
File Surfing Safely Maze (PDF)
Lead Scruff to without encountering any dangerous messages.
File Bike Safety Quiz (PDF)
Twenty True or False statements on bicycle safety.
File Help McGruff Solve the Puzzle (PDF)
Solve the crossword puzzle with safety, health and drug, and crime prevention messages.
File The Bully Situation Survey (PDF)
Complete this survey in your class.
File Seek and Find: Fun Things To Do With Friends and Family (PDF)
Find fun activities in a word search.
File Scruff's Steps for Managing Conflict (PDF)
SCRUFF is an anagram for conflict management advice
File Being Safe With Signs (PDF)
Fill in the blanks with the answers provided.
File McGruff's Internet Safety Pledge (PDF)
Keep this pledge by your computer so you'll always remember how to stay cyber-safe.
File Community Helpers Word Scramble (PDF)
Write the names of people in your community in the blanks. Then, decide the hidden message.
File Buckle Up McGruff and Scruff (PDF)
Draw a seatbelt on Scruff and color the picture.
File Leave Scruff Alone! (PDF)
Color and cut out these paper puppets of McGruff the Crime DogĀ®, Scruff, and two bullies.
File What's Safe? (PDF)
Color in the pictures that show things that are same to do when you are home alone.
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