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McGruff Network

Learn more about this group promoting self-protection and crime prevention across the country.

Connecting People Who Prevent Crime

The McGruff Network is a group of individuals who promote self-protection and crime prevention on a neighborhood, city, state, or national level. Learn more about the McGruff Network and sign up today to join the network and receive a free monthly newsletter.

News from NCPC
Prevention Works Blog
PreventionWorks BlogThis week the National Crime Prevention Council launched its own blog and the first blog about crime prevention at a national level. Prevention Works is meant to be a place where we can write about the latest news and ideas in the field of crime prevention and quickly make that information public. We invite you to comment if you have a different viewpoint, a question, or something to add about any of the posts. If you have any general feedback, please email it to us.
Preventing Senior Telemarketing Fraud
Senior Telemarketing FraudMcGruff is now starring in his latest campaign to alert seniors to telemarketing fraud and show them how to avoid it. A televised public service announcement (PSA) is being aired that shows seniors what type of behavior to look out for and how to react to make sure they don’t become victims of fraud. You can watch the PSA online and look for it on television. A free brochure is also available with more information on senior telemarketing fraud. It can be downloaded in PDF format.

New Releases

Publication on Preventing Sexual Violence
The Prevention Institute has released a new tool for stopping sexual violence that describes key primary prevention methods to address the issue and reduce environments that condone it. The publication, Sexual Violence and the Spectrum of Prevention: Towards a Community Solution, is available to read online in PDF format.
Guide for Amber Alerts
A new guide was recently released that describes public information officers’ vital role in issuing Amber Alerts. This resource outlines the officers’ responsibilities and explains strategies to maximize the effectiveness of that person’s role when an Amber Alert is activated. Amber Alert Best Practices Guide for Public Information Officers is available online.
The Cost of Underage Drinking
According to a recent study, underage drinking costs the United States nearly $62 billion a year and is to blame for 3,200 deaths. But preventative methods to decrease underage drinking are under funded and more the 25 times as much money goes to preventing illegal drug use, even though it affects fewer teens. More of the study’s findings and a state by state list of the problem’s cost are available online

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