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File Voter Perception of Crime (PDF)
File New Faces of Work - Baby Boomers Working On (PDF)
Research Spotlight 2
File "Early Childhood Education for All: A Wise Investment" (PDF)
Research Spotlight 3
File Crime Prevention Research Digest Issue 1 (PDF)
Preventing Youth Violence: School-based Programs Work!
File Crime Prevention Research Digest Issue No. 2 (PDF)
Video Games and Violence
File Don't Let Your Family Go Down the Tube - Use Television Wisely
Free, helpful resource
File Newspaper Mat: Eight Crime Prevention Tips for Teens
Free, helpful resource
File Crime Prevention Matters
This document examines three recent surveys of Americans and the effect that their attitudes have on crime and its prevention. It looks at where crime rates may go from here.
File Annual Report 2008
NCPC's Annual Report for 2008
File Message On Crime Still Strong After 25 Years
Newspaper Mat Feature: It began as a simple idea. An animated dog in a rumpled trench coat, uttering the words, “You don’t know me yet. But you will.” Twenty-five years and three generations later, people still recognize McGruff the Crime Dog as an American icon.
File Contract For Responsible Wireless Phone Use
A reproducible contract from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit that parents can use to govern their child's cell phone use.
File Get Wise About Wireless
A reproducible handout from the 2009-2010 Crime Prevention Month Kit for teens about using your cell phone safely and responsibly.
File What's a Crime Prevention Officer Worth?
This editorial written by NCPA Director Pat Harris appeared in Sheriff magazine.
File McGruff Club Guide
File McGruff Gallant Products Flier
File McGruff iphone Covers
File McGruff Gallant Products Flier 2
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