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File Identity Theft Brochure
A reproducible brochure on preventing identity theft
File Online Auction Fraud
A reproducible brochure about how online auction fraud occurs and how to prevent it
File Seniors Against Crime
A reproducible brochure about fraud and other crimes commonly perpetrated against seniors
File Protecting Private Information
A reproducible brochure about protecting passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive personal information
File Protect Yourself From Telephone Fraud
A reproducible brochure with tips on identifying and avoiding telephone scams
File Preventing Charity Fraud Brochure
A reproducible brochure on identifying and reporting charity fraud
File Reporting Crime Online
This one-page PDF tells you who to contact to report various criminal activities encountered online
File Don't Be Scammed
This one page PDF identifies many of the typical scams to watch out for online
File Use Common Sense To Spot a Con Artist
A reproducible brochure about how to identify and avoid scams
File Shopping Safely Online
A one-page PDF with tips about protecting yourself while shopping online
File Protecting Yourself From Counterfeit Drugs
A one-page PDF about how to protect yourself from prescription drug scams
File 10 Tips To Secure Your Personal Computer
A reproducible brochure with tips on how to protect your computer from scammers
File Is There An iCrime Wave
This research brief looks at the correlation between iPod popularity and increased theft
File Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud
This colorful, 16 page booklet analysis the issue of telemarketing fraud targeted at seniors and how to prevent it
File Keeping Insider Information Inside
A reproducible brochure with guidelines for employees on keeping company information protected
File Avoid Investment Fraud
A two-page report on how to invest safely and avoid financial fraud
File Charitable Giving Done Wisely
A two-page report on how to ensure that your give wisely to charity and avoid charity fraud
File The Nigerian Letter Scam
A two-page report on the Nigerian Letter Scam and similar frauds
File Safer Seniors
A reproducible brochure about preventing seniors from becoming victims of fraud
File Preventing Identity Theft: A Guide for Consumers
A 16 page full color pdf publication on protecting yourself from identity theft
File 7 Tips on Preventing Identity Theft
Newspaper Mat Feature: In the course of the day, you do many activities that put your personal information at risk — from writing a check at the store to charging merchandise in person or over the phone. You may not think twice about these transactions, but others might.
File Tips for Preventing Identity Theft
This reproducible fact sheet has tips for protecting your personal information, and steps to take if your identity has been stolen.
File Mortgage Fraud Report
File Targeting Investment Fraud Webinar
File Financial Fraud Victimology and Psych Impact Webinar
File Investment Fraud Prevention Strategies Webinar
File Fighting Fraud Toolkit
File Taking Action
File Scams Schemes and Swindles
File Infographic
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