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Resources for Audience: Senior Citizens

A List Of Resources and Tools To Help Your Initiative Be Successful

File Philanthropy and Faith: An Introduction
This 24-page document examines the role of faith-based communities in partnership with private funders
File Crime Prevention For People with Disabilities
A reproducible brochure with safety tips for people with disabilities
File Pack Your Street Sense When You Pack Your Bags
Informative brochure
File The Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence
A reproducible brochure on identifying and preventing domestic violence
File Protección de su Información Privada
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Use el Sentido Común para Detectar a un Estafador
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Robo de Identidad
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Safe and Secure in an Electronic World
Informative brochure on protecting your credit card information
File Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch
File Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Law Enforcement Needs Your Help
Informative brochure on how to help law enforcement reduce crime
File Preventing Identity Theft: A Guide for Consumers
A 16 page full color pdf publication on protecting yourself from identity theft
ncpcUser Sally Coblentz-Lewis
File Family Link-Up Plan
A simple tool for helping families coordinate during an emergency
File Safer Seniors (PDF)
Want to conquer fear and prevent crime? Take these common-sense precautions. Informative brochure.
File Locking Your Home
Tells you what you need to know before buying locks for your house.
File Neighborhood Watch Needs You
Neighborhood Watch is coming to your community, and we need you to get involved! The program embraces and strengthens many things we're already doing, such as watching out for each other's homes or working together to solve problems. But Neighborhood Watch brings along the power of organization and the ability to focus energy and resources.
File Neighborhood Watch Organizer's Guide
Works as a guide for creating and sustaining a successful Neighborhood Watch program, and covers everything from motivating the community to running successful meetings.
File Topics in Crime Prevention: Working With Older Americans
Full-text publication
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