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Understanding Mortgage Fraud

Understanding Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage regulations and processes frequently change and are complicated and confusing as it is. Add to that the stress homeowners feel when applying for a mortgage or refinancing because of financial straits, and fraudsters have the perfect conditions under which to manipulate their potential victims.

A deeper understanding of the types of mortgage fraud schemes and their impact on the housing industry gives victim service providers and community leaders a broader perspective to help victims and identify at-risk homeowners.

This section offers more in-depth resources, including webinars and podcasts with noted subject matter experts, to help you do just that.

Tips for Using these Resources

If you:

  • are planning to give a presentation about mortgage fraud—gather talking points from the webinars and podcasts from notable subject matter experts for your presentation (and please be sure to give proper credit to your sources)
  • are a victim service provider—learn the basics of mortgage fraud from our Mortgage Fraud Fact Sheet for Victim Service Providers, and review the webinars and podcasts by respected subject matter experts for more in-depth information
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