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How to Use This Kit

How to Use This Kit

Are you a victim of mortgage fraud? Go straight to our Help for Victims section.

Are you a victim service provider? Go straight to our Tools for Victim Service Providers section.

The primary goal of this toolkit is to meet the needs of service providers who assist mortgage fraud victims. To that end, we’ve compiled selected resources to help both victims and victim service providers find the information they’ll need to understand and report mortgage fraud crimes.

The toolkit is organized into five sections:

  1. Building Awareness—downloadable deliverables and PSAs to help build awareness of mortgage fraud in your community
  2. Understanding Mortgage Fraud—fact sheets, podcasts, webinars, and presentations to help victims, service providers, and community leaders learn more about different types of mortgage fraud schemes and the impact they have on victims and the housing industry
  3. Help for Victims—geared specifically toward general consumers and victims of mortgage fraud, with links to agencies that handle fraud cases and specific information about what to do if you are a victim of mortgage fraud
  4. Tools for Victim Service Providers—resources to help service providers identify and respond to mortgage fraud victims
  5. Our Partners—additional resources from related agencies to help educate consumers about good financial practices, as well as information about and links to the agencies who have partnered with us to create this toolkit

You are welcome to download, print, and distribute the information within this toolkit to help educate consumers, victims, and service providers; when working with victims of mortgage fraud; and when having community information meetings, conducting presentations, or as a resource for conferences. Please be sure to properly credit your sources when using these materials.

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