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Other Partner Profiles

These partners have provided NCPC with much appreciated support.

The Paul and Irma Milstein Foundation

The Paul and Irma Milstein Foundation   (formerly the Milstein Family Foundation) has supported NCPC in numerous capacities for almost ten years. The Milstein family has provided greatly needed general operating support so that NCPC can fulfill its mission; it has supported the Youth as Resources program and, along with The Allstate Foundation, was a founding funder for NCPC's Web properties, which include The Milstein family generously provided funding for a highly interactive and dynamic online safety resource for children, their parents, and other caregivers. The website focused on the themes of safety, violence and drug prevention, and community involvement, and provided children and adults with vital crime prevention and safety information needed to ensure that children grow up safe and healthy.

Ann L. Bronfman Foundation

The Ann L. Bronfman Foundation has provided NCPC with much-needed operating support since 1991. Ms. Bronfman is a longtime friend of NCPC and is committed to helping America build safer and more caring communities. Her contributions are very valuable to NCPC's daily operations, but more importantly to America at large.

The Burnett Foundation

The Burnett Foundation has supported NCPC's work since 1991. The Foundation most recently provided funding for the Exploring the Faith Factor: Fort Worth Regional Symposium. This symposium built on the extensive work already begun in Fort Worth, TX, and on NCPC's work that the Lilly Endowment funded (e.g., The Role of the Faith Community in Crime, Violence, and Drug Abuse Prevention). The symposium explored the range of faith-based efforts, obstacles, and issues confronted, and how they were overcome; studied a range of policy funding initiatives, obstacles and issues confronted, and how they were overcome; explored the potential for a common language; spotlight legal constitutional issues; and examined capacity issues.

This organization provides cyberbullying research, stories, cases, downloads, fact sheets, tips and strategies, news headlines, a blog, and a number of other helpful resources on its comprehensive public service website.

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Since its inception, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has supported the Embedding Crime Prevention in State Policy and Practice initiative. This initiative was developed to create self-supporting movements within selected states and their communities that promote and implement prevention as the policy of choice for reducing crime, violence, and drug abuse and build vital communities that do not generate crime. Six states are working to institutionalize prevention policy and practice throughout all levels of state government, thereby promoting the healthy development of children, youth, families, and communities. In addition, the foundation recently awarded NCPC a grant to develop a three-year program implementation plan to achieve the eight goals in our long-range plan entitled NCPC's Long-Range Plan, 2001-2010: Building Safe and Caring Communities (PDF).

Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation

In 2002, the Shaw Foundation supported the "Exploring the Faith Factor: The Boston Regional Symposium," a two-day forum on faith-based initiatives. The Boston Symposium aimed to examine and highlight the role of faith-based efforts in helping to address the community's most pressing social concerns; explaining the partnerships the community makes and seeks; understanding the successes, failures, barriers, and capacities of faith-based efforts; providing specific guidance to funding entities about the problems and benefits associated with supporting faith-based efforts; and uncovering the commonality and shared purposes between the faith community and the public sector regarding the services to those most in need.

Internet Keep Safe Coalition

Internet Keep Safe Coalition is a component of the Keeper of the Flame Foundation, founded by Mrs. Jacalyn S. Leavitt, former first lady of Utah. Mrs. Leavitt is the creator of Faux Paw, a cartoon adventure intended as an educational tool for parents and educators when discussing the issue of Internet safety with children.

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Pew Charitable Trusts supports NCPC's Faith and Service Technical Assistance Network (FASTEN) initiative, which seeks to increase access to and awareness of quality information, education, training, and best practices on effective social service delivery by faith-based organizations. FASTEN will assist religious organizations, philanthropic and corporate leaders, and public officials by providing education and training through three major venues: an information clearinghouse that collects and distributes information and training materials through a Web-based library and resource center; a series of seminars and workshops targeted at key groups; and the creation of a peer technical assistance network.

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