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There appears to be a growing interest in girls and gangs among gang researchers and those who want to provide prevention and intervention programs for females.  Their concern, it would seem, is well taken as the participation of females in gang activity seems to be slowly increasing in some jurisdictions. This conference call will explore the issues and challenges that exist between the increase in the number of girls involved with gangs and the public perception of the role of girls in gangs.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • How many girls in gang
  • Why do some girls join gangs
  • Profile of female gang members
  • What attraction do gangs offer girls
  • How do girls become gang members
  • The role of girls in a gang
  • Some Identifiers of girls in gangs

The conference call speaker was NCPC’s senior trainer, Moses Saygbe.  At NCPC Moses conducts all of NCPC’s gang violence prevention training, crime prevention through environmental design workshops, conducts workshops at Project Safe Neighborhoods Anti-gang Conferences across the country, and works with Weed and Seed sites on their various needs. Prior to joining NCPC, Mr. Saygbe provided and promoted crime prevention education, training, technical assistance, and professional development to law enforcement, school administrators and teachers, community groups, private citizens and other crime prevention practitioners to improve the quality of life in Rhode Island communities. Mr. Saygbe has over 22 years of service as director of the Crime Prevention Unit at the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General and juvenile correctional officer at the Rhode Island Juvenile Correctional Institution. He established the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General’s “Third Eye” Project, an affiliate of the Youth Crime Watch of America, and is a founding member of the Rhode Island Juvenile Officers Association. He is a founding member and chaired the Rhode Island’s Minority Elder Task Force. 

Mr. Saygbe has a Masters degree in Justice Administration from Anna Maria College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Roger Williams University.

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