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We all have a responsibility to encourage discussions of safe storage solutions among firearms owners so we can reduce the risks of firearms-related injuries or tragic deaths from unauthorized access to unsecured firearms.  Below you will find a number of organizations with additional helpful resources on safe firearms storage.

Chronic Disease/Injury Prevention Section of Public Health – Seattle and King County (Washington)

The Safe Storage Saves Lives campaign of the Chronic Disease/Injury Prevention Section of Public Health – Seattle and King County (Washington) encourages firearms owners to visit participating local and national retailers to receive discount offers on secure lockboxes and other safe storage options.  A detailed reference brochure analyzes the options and provides additional information through the website at

The Safe Storage Saves Lives  campaign also features countless resources, reports, and information to help the public learn about safe storage practices.  

Safe Firearms Storage Bookmark Boys  Safe Firearms Storage Bookmark Girls

Tips for talking to parents before play dates

The Center to Prevent Youth Violence has created a resource for parents who want to inquire if there are firearms where their children play.  Its ASK campaign, created in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggests it may be easier to open the dialogue by following these four tips.

  • ASK with other questions. Include the question along with other things you might normally discuss before sending your child to someone’s house –such as seat belts, animals, or allergies.
  • Use the facts. Over one-third of homes with children have a gun. Many of those guns are left unlocked and loaded. That is why you are asking — you just want to make sure that your child is safe.
  • Work through groups. Introduce the ASK concept through a group or community effort such as a religious organization or PTA.
  • Don’t be confrontational. Present your concerns in a respectful manner. You are simply trying to make sure your child is in a safe environment. Use the ASK brochure to open the dialogue.

You can learn more about the ASK campaign and how to discuss firearm safety and safe storage in homes where your child plays by visiting

Find Your State Gun Laws

  • The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence’s Firearm Law Database 
  • National Rifle Association – Institute for Legislative Action State Gun Laws Website 

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