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Samantha's choice

McGruff Helps Combat Bullying


McGruff the Crime Dog® has been an icon of popular culture for more than 30 years, and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is now using him to help children learn to deal with one of the most pressing social/educational issues of our time: bullying. The time when bullying was thought of as a necessary evil or a phase that children go through is long past. Studies have confirmed that the problem is one to be taken seriously, and one that educators have no choice but to confront. The five-minute video “Samantha’s Choice” is an excellent way to present anti-bullying strategies to elementary school students.

Samantha’s Choice” is designed for today’s media-savvy kids. An updated McGruff, shown in various urban settings and presented as a film noir style private detective, is aided by his nephew Scruff in helping Samantha, who has stopped going to her beloved ballet class for fear of bullies. To make the subject inviting for young people, humor (including clever verbal humor) accompanies the serious message of the five-minute cartoon.

Please see the following recommended lesson plan with discussion questions and activities for an effective and educational viewing of the “Samantha’s Choice” video in your classroom:
Samantha’s Choice Teaching Tips (PDF)

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