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Summer Kids' Program   

An event focusing on safety and bullying prevention will be held. The organizers hope that McGruff the Crime Dog will attend.   
Lois M. Ellis    P O Box 8463    Canton    OH    44711   
Hope Whispers Community Organization, Inc.    7/12/2011 12:00   

Celebrate Safe Communities Flashlight Walk   

A flashlight walk to promote crime prevention, Halloween safety, and awareness of upcoming crime prevention and safety events will be held. Participants will audit street lights and report defective lamps to the utility company. Residents will be encouraged to turn on porch lights as a sign of community support.   
Lis Kroepel, Co-founder    3827 E. 38th Street    Newburgh Heights    OH    44105   
Newburgh Neighborhood Network    10/23/2011 18:30   

Celebrate Safe Communities Fall Harvest Party   

Speakers from law enforcement agencies will assist in establishing a Neighborhood Watch.  Activities, including a hay ride and games, will be offered to attract residents to the event. Food will be available.   
Marsha Johnson, Service Coordinator    1244 Fifth Sreet Southwest    Warren    OH    44485   
Hampshire House Apartments    10/27/2011 15:00   

Women's Self-Defense Class   

The Wright State University Police Department's Crime Prevention Unit will conduct a  S.A.F.E Women's Self-Defense Awareness Class each week during the month. There will also be a child safety and child ID event at the Mini University.   
Patrick James Ammon    2221 Rector Avenue    Dayton    OH    45414   
Wright State University Police Department  - Crime Prevention Unit       

Summer Kids' Program   

Cultural/physical play activities will take place. Safety rules will be taught.   
Lois M. Ellis    1116 3rd Street Northeast    Canton    OH    44704   
Hope Whispers Community Organization, Inc.    8/11/2011 11:00   

Safety Month Events

New Middletown Police and Mahoning Safe Comumunities will combine efforts to bring crime prevention and safety awareness efforts to the public throughout October. The agencies will use the print and TV media to distribute safety and awareness material. There will also be a focus on Halloween safety.   
Vincent D'Egidio    Chief of Police    10711 Main Street    New Middletown   OH    44442   
New Midldetown Police    10/1/2011 11:00   

Safe Community Environmental Awareness   

Youth will pick up trash and litter and bag it. There will also be a tree-planting event and discussion of the benefits of planting trees as a crime prevention design measure.   
Lois M. Ellis    1116 3rd Street Northeast    Canton    OH    44704   
Hope Whispers Community Organization, Inc.    10/8/2011 12:00   

Take a Stand on Fraud Targeting Senior Citizens   

A class will feature ways to protect against identity theft, mail and telephone scams, and financial fraud that targets senior citizens. The Senior Advocate of the Warren City Senior Court program, Mary Warren, will offer updated information on how criminals are gaining access to seniors' confidential information and what can be done to stop it. This class is part of the Senior Safety School Program that runs from August 31 through November 16 with graduation on December 3.   
Barbara Mascio    1330 Blakely Circle Southwest    Warren    OH    44485   
Tod's Crossing, a National Church Residence    10/12/2011 14:00

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