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Resources for Audience: Volunteers

A List Of Resources and Tools To Help Your Initiative Be Successful

File Your Inside Look at Crime Prevention: McGruff Files
This basic booklet explains the need for both individual and community prevention efforts; provides basic home, personal, and neighborhood prevention strategies everyone should know
File A Dozen Things Principals Can Do To Stop School Violence
A helpful fact sheet for school principals on stopping school violence
File A Dozen Things Teachers Can Do to Stop School Violence
A helpful fact sheet for teachers on stopping school violence
File A Dozen Things Parents Can Do To Stop School Violence
A helpful fact sheet for parents on stopping school violence
File Making Schools Safer: Ten Things Caregivers Can Do
A helpful fact sheet for caregivers on stopping school violence
File Stopping School Violence
A supplement to the Be Safe and Sound in School program
File How to Help McGruff! Service Projects for Children to Make Communities Safer
A guide for engaging children (ages 6 to 12) in service projects that will make their communities safer and better
File Volunteering: Do What You Like To Do
A 12 page guide for teens on volunteering
File People of Faith Mentoring Children of Promise
This 66 page publication aims to help propel a movement to dramatically reduce prison populations, prevent crime, and improve communities.
File Philanthropy and Faith: An Introduction
This 24-page document examines the role of faith-based communities in partnership with private funders
File Becoming a Better Supervisor: A Resource Guide for National and Community Service Supervisors
Nearly everyone involved in supervising people working in community service will find something useful among the concepts, vignettes, and tools in this 263 page guide.
File A Safe Workplace is Everybody's Business: Safety Tips
These safety tips and checklists concerning workplace safety complement the booklet, and provide ideas for making your building or office a safer place.
File Crime Prevention For People with Disabilities
A reproducible brochure with safety tips for people with disabilities
File Checklist for Violence Prevention
A checklist for preventing violence in your community
File The Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence
A reproducible brochure on identifying and preventing domestic violence
File Tome Posición Frente Al Crimen
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Conversación con su Adolescente Sobre la Violencía Entre Jovenes que Salen en Parejas
Free, helpful resource in Spanish
File What Should We Do?
A cartoon strip that shows the importance of promoting positive activities for kids to prevent drug use
File Taking Back Your Neighborhood
Free, helpful resource on making your community safe
File Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch
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