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Resources for Audience: Local elected officials

A List Of Resources and Tools To Help Your Initiative Be Successful

File Your Inside Look at Crime Prevention: McGruff Files
This basic booklet explains the need for both individual and community prevention efforts; provides basic home, personal, and neighborhood prevention strategies everyone should know
File A Dozen Things Principals Can Do To Stop School Violence
A helpful fact sheet for school principals on stopping school violence
File A Dozen Things Teachers Can Do to Stop School Violence
A helpful fact sheet for teachers on stopping school violence
File Tips for Working Together to Create Safer Schools
A reproducible brochure for teens on making schools safer
File School Safety and Security Toolkit: A Guide for Parents, Schools, and Communities
A toolkit to supplement the Be Safe and Sound in School program
File Stopping School Violence
A supplement to the Be Safe and Sound in School program
File Philanthropy and Faith: An Introduction
This 24-page document examines the role of faith-based communities in partnership with private funders
File Use el Sentido ComĂșn para Detectar a un Estafador
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Robo de Identidad
Informative brochure in Spanish
File A Family Guide to Using the Internet
Informative brochure for families about using the internet safely
File Don't Let Your Guard Down Just Because You Live in the Country
Informative brochure on keeping your home secure in the country
File Responding to Methamphetamine, Washington State's Promising Example
A report on the methods Washington state used to respond to increasing methamphetamine use
File Newspaper Mat: Protect Your Neighborhood Against Crime, Terrorism
Free, helpful resource on protecting your neighborhood from crime and terrorism
File Caregivers' Guide to School Safety and Security
This document offers children's caregivers ways to promote and foster socially appropriate behaviors and positive relationships. The booklet discusses issues children face at school, a caregiver's role in a child's life, and how caregivers can engage local businesses and the community to help make schools safe for children.
File Neighborhood Watch Needs You
Neighborhood Watch is coming to your community, and we need you to get involved! The program embraces and strengthens many things we're already doing, such as watching out for each other's homes or working together to solve problems. But Neighborhood Watch brings along the power of organization and the ability to focus energy and resources.
File Topics in Crime Prevention: Working With Older Americans
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