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Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference

The Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference is a conference dealing with helping to reduce retail shrinkage and increase costumer service for the local businesses.

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Norfolk, VA
Intended audience(s):
Business owners, College or university student, staff, or faculty, Community volunteers, Homeowner or neighborhood associations, Local elected officials, Local government agency officials (other than public safety), Local news media, Members of civic organizations, Representatives of public safety agencies besides law enforcement (fire, emergency services, emergency planning/management), Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business)

  As the oldest, largest and most comprehensive event of its kind on the east coast; the Virginia Retail Loss Prevention Conference, to be held Oct. 21 2010, is designed to provide merchants, loss prevention professionals and law enforcement with information that will positively contribute to loss prevention efforts of all kinds throughout the community.

  Each year retailers throughout Virginia lose millions of dollars due to shrinkage at the hands of both strangers and employees alike. This loss is passed on to consumers through higher prices on goods and services offered by businesses from the community. Thanks to the efforts of the Retail Alliance Loss Prevention Task Force, the VRLPC offers a compendium of the most effective methods on all aspects of loss prevention. This event increases awareness of the problem and opens a dialogue between merchants and the local law enforcement on how best to combat the problem. The conference motto for this year is “Loss Prevention Through Partnership”, which describes the conferences general aim to bring together local businesses and law enforcement in an effort to thwart crime and better understand each other in an effort to work together more efficiently. This years VRLPC will cover everything from Gang Awareness, Product Counterfeiting, Organized Retail Crime, Shoplifting and more. We are confident this conference will be instrumental in helping retailers to reduce crime, thus helping the local community with lower priced goods and more affordable services.

  Those who contrive to steal are tireless in their determination to get over on the system. Retail Alliance is equally determined to provide the community with the best means of addressing retail crime. We will continue to improve on this conference in an effort to provide the you with the most current and effective programs and practices on crime prevention.    


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