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Neighborhood Watch ChiliFest

Community Wide ChiliFest Pot Luck to gather the community together, to raise awareness of and funds for Neighborhood Watch. To recruit leadership block by block.

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Montgomery, IL
Intended audience(s):
Children, Community volunteers, Homeowner or neighborhood associations, Local elected officials, Parents, Senior citizens, Teens, Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business), Youth-serving organizations (B&G Clubs, YMCA, etc.)

Our Fairfield Way | Foxmoor Neighborhood Watch incorporates about 1,000 homes in two adjoining subdivisions. We have achieved 73% participation in our Neighborhood Watch and seek to raise participation to 85% by year's end. We have an elementary school event planned for August 31, a Neighborhood Watch presentation to assist other neighborhoods in forming their own Neighborhood Watch scheduled for September 16th, a ChiliFest neighborhood event and fundraiser scheduled for October 9th and an educational neighborhood meeting at McDole Elementary School scheduled for November 9th.

Our organization has a website:

An online Incident Report Form:

An online list of Block Captains and officers, with contact info:


We monitor the volume and type of incident report to track the impact our group may be having on neighborhood crime and to guide us on what issues and programs should be our priorities.

We are seeing a dramatic decrease in neighborhood incidents as the result of our organization and the posting of Neighborhood Watch signs (14) in our neighborhood. The Police Chief and our community liasion officer are also reporting a sharp decrease in the number of dispatch calls to our neighborhood.

Working closely with the police, we have been instrumental in helping to accomplish two arrests and two convictions and thirdly, we gave a drug dealer a scare serious enough they haven't come back for more. We had their license plate and a witness, but couldn't get the police there in time to certify the evidence. No matter, our watchful program has kept this and other bad guys out of our streets.

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