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Little Italy Neighborhood Watch Clean Up day

groups will clean up physical area per learned CPTED principles, distribute watch flyers and window decals, then meet with participating youth for block party

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Troy , NE
Intended audience(s):
Business owners, Children, College or university student, staff, or faculty, Community volunteers, Homeowner or neighborhood associations, K-12 school faculty or administrators, Local elected officials, Local government agency officials (other than public safety), Local news media, Members of civic organizations, Parents, Representatives of public safety agencies besides law enforcement (fire, emergency services, emergency planning/management), Senior citizens, Teens, Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business), Youth-serving organizations (B&G Clubs, YMCA, etc.)

The Little Italy/South Central Neighborhood Watch is the Neighborhood Association mentor in our city. This group is aggressive in attcking safety and security issues in their area, while encouraging and support other groups to join. This goups sponsors numerous other gathering throughout the year, and has other groups participate in them also. Thsi group prints and distributes a monthly newsletter and has an active e-mail and web address to immediately disseminate police information. This event will act as a fall season "Earth Day" with a focus on cleans ups as Crime Prevention measures. All area neighborhood groups are invited, as well as the youth from School 12 (our elementary school) to assemble at the Little Italy marketplace for assignments, then return there later for block party activities.

Also, our Weed and Seed crime prevention survey will be available for completion here.

Also available will be crime prevention flyers and window decals.