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Privacy Policy

How We Collect User Information and What We Do With It

NCPC collects information about you and your online habits for the purposes of understanding the interests of our audience and improving the services we offer. Any information you provide in your user profile that can be used to identify you is, by default, private (hidden from the public). By creating an account, you authorize NCPC to use the information you provide to improve our website. Only you can choose to make the information in your profile publicly accessible. We recommend you use discretion when providing information that you intend to make public.

Any comments you make in regard to NCPC content (e.g., add a comment to an NCPC.ORG webpage or blog article or post a topic to an NCPC-created forum) are publicly accessible unless stated otherwise. Never post private or otherwise sensitive information in these forums. NCPC will not be liable for private information you willfully disclose.

Your email address will never be released, sold, or shared. You will receive automated emails as they pertain to account maintenance (e.g., if you forget your password, we will email you a link you can use to reset it). However, if you use your email address as a login name, it may be displayed with content you create. If you wish to avoid this, please contact NCPC.

For your user account, create a secure password and do not share it with anyone outside your organization. NCPC will never ask you for your password.

If you indicate that you wish to be contacted for a particular purpose, we may email you in regard to that particular area or service. We will not contact you by email about services in which you have not expressed an interest.

NCPC also collects IP addresses for calculation of aggregate visitor statistics for the purposes of understanding the interests of our audience and improving the services we offer. Logs are not released to any third parties; data are not sold or shared. Additionally, NCPC.ORG uses cookies, or small amounts of data stored by your web browser, to keep track of your credentials, preferences, login status, and browsing habits. This information is used only to improve our site's functionality. We do not share it with third parties.

On various forms throughout the site, you are invited to provide mailing information. If you choose to provide mailing information, you may be placed on a mailing list to receive information relevant to the form or, in the case of a subscription form, to receive a regularly circulated newsletter. NCPC does not share or sell mailing lists. Your address will not be released for any purpose other than the receipt of the information or subscription you requested.

For site maintenance purposes, NCPC may delete user accounts that have had no login activity for six months.

NCPC reserves the right to update and change these policies at any time, with or without your notice. It is your responsibility to periodically review NCPC's privacy policy.

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