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What You Can Do to Prevent Child Abductions

Resources, tips, and activity ideas

NCPC has many resources you can use to help protect your child:

  • Get your community involved in Take 25, a national campaign to promote child safety.
  • Complete the Community Helpers Word Scramble (PDF) and What's Safe? (PDF) worksheets with children. Talk about rules to follow when parents aren't home and about adults in the community who can help children stay safe.
  • Draw a map of the neighborhood with your child. Mark safe places children can go if they are followed by a stranger and need help. Those places can include schools, libraries, day care centers, police or fire stations, or the homes of neighbors known to your family.
  • Read about the McGruff House program to find out more about making neighborhoods safe for children.
  • Role-play scenarios in the stranger awareness, grades 2-3 activity. Remind children to check with a parent before going anywhere with anyone.
  • Read the stories Ride Home and Outta Here from the comic Adventures with Scruff on
  • Purchase an identification kit, such as McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit. A fun way to family safety, the McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit includes a personal record card with child-safe fingerprint ink, which is applied using a unique proprietary process, and a 12-page guidebook that has been proven to help kids learn how to be safe on the streets. This publication also includes Internet safety information.
  • Download and make copies of the Raising Streetwise Kids: A Parent's Guide (PDF) brochure and share them with parents.
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