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Icons and Stylesheet-Related Assets

Folder Documentation
Screen Grabs and Other Assets Used by the Documentation
Folder McGruff Art
McGruff Used as Page Decoration
Folder Legacy Portlets
handful of graphics needed to render the legacyAbout portlet and legacyCampaign portlet
Folder PSA Multimedia-related
Stills from PSA Videos and TV Spots
Image MacArthur Proposal Example
A Diagram to Illustrate the Relationship of Problem Domains, Learning Goals, and Casual Game Genres
Folder Newsletters
Graphics for Online Newsletters
Image Donate Now
red button, white lettering
Image NCPA Button
NPCA Logo on a gray button
Image CPCA Button
CPCA Logo on a gray button
Image Donate Now Through Network for Good
NeworkForGood button, dark blue and white on transparent background
Image Stop the Bully Webisode
Screen Grab from "Stop the Bully" Webisode
Image PreventionWorks Blog
Screen Grab of PreventionWorks Blog
Image McGruff SafeGuard
Image McGruff Kid Safe Internet Browser
Image NCPC Logo
Horizontal version of NCPC logo
Image Yahoo! Shipping and Tax Test Page
Screen grab from Yahoo! Merchant Solutions
Image NCPA Logo (Low Resolution)
NCPA logo optimized for gray button
Image CPCA Logo (Low Resolution)
CPCA logo optimized for gray button
Folder Development Emails
Assets for Development Emails
Image McGruff Browser
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