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Logos Registered to NCPC; NCPC-Run Organizations, Programs, Initiatives, and Events

Image NCPA Logo
Logo for the National Crime Prevention Association
Image Visit the McGruff Store
"more clickable" McGruff Store button; links to
Image Power of Prevention Logo
POP Logo on White Background
Image Power of Prevention Logo
POP Logo on Transparent Background
Image Be Safe and Sound Logo
BSS Logo on Blue Background with Rounded Corners
Image TCC Logo
Logo for Teens, Crime, and the Community
Image Be Safe and Sound Logo
Black and Red Logo on Transparent Background
Image CPCA Logo
Logo for the Crime Prevention Coalition of America
Image Crime Prevention Month (October) Logo
Logo for Crime Prevention Month with McGruff carving a pumpkin, on white background
Image Take a Bite Out of Cyber Crime (
Logo for "Take a Bite out of Cyber Crime" initiative
Image McGruff Neighborhood Logo
Black on transparent with wordmark
Image Crime Prevention Month
October Crime Prevention Month, words on gradient background
Image Circle of Respect
Image Large NCPC Logo
NCPC's logo for use in media
Image cor-itunes
Circle of Respect logo for iTunes
Image Poison Ivy
Image Tina Wells Mackenzie Blue
Image McGruff 30th Anniversary Logo
Image Sameer Hinduja Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard
Image Sameer Hinduja
File McGruff Anniversary Circle Logo
Circular Logo of McGruff 30th Anniversary
Image McGruff 30th Circle Logo
File McGruff 30th Logo
Image Gang Leader for a Day
Image Trudy Ludwig
Confessions of a Former Bully
Image Bullying and Me: Schoolyard Stories
Ouisie Shapiro Photography By: Steven Vote
Image Fruit of the Vine
Image Four Friends
Image Student Home Work
Image Kate with Parents
Image Miles to Go
Image Real Friends vs. the Other Kind
Image NCPA Banner
Image NCPC Horizantal
Image NCPA Banner - 1
Image Campus Crime Prevention
Image McGruff New Logo
Image Mortgage Fraud Virtual Conference
Image Crime Prevention Training Conference
Image Crime Prevention Regional Training in Las Vegas
Image Mortgage Fraud Online Toolkit Logo
Image online training
Image Online Training Sale
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