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Clipart and Stock Art

Purchased/Free Art and Icons

Image Girlfriends
Two Girls With Shopping Bags; Used (Cropped) in Catalyst (Dec/Jan 2007) Above Girls Incorporated ( Entry
Image Anger Can Easily Get Out of Hand
Cartoon Man Yelling Into Phone
Image McGruff Moves to Crystal City
An in-house image depicting our move to Crystal City
Image Person With Idea
Light Bulb and Business Man
Image Light Bulb
Lit Light Bulb
Image Checkbox
A Checked Checkbox on a Purple Bubble
Image Ampersat
A White Ampersat (@) on a Green Circle
Image Faces
Smiling Youth, Huddled
Image In the Corner
Girl Unsure in Corner (Black and White); Used in January 2008 Catalyst for Human Trafficking Feature
Image Parental Involvement
Mother and Daughter with Teacher in Classroom; Used in January 2008 Catalyst for Strengthening Families Program Feature
Image Apple and Book
Red apple on black hardcover book, white background
Image Car Accident
Crashed blue car at night with first responders around
Image Senior Citizens
Senior citizens sitting on a porch, used with "What Works: Bank Reporting Project" in October 2007 Catalyst.
Image Unaware Victims
Parent and Child holding hands, soft-focus on orange background, used for "Children: Unaware Victims" in October 2007 Catalyst.
Image Gavel and Keyboard
Wooden gavel held above computer keyboard
Image Internet Theft
Hand reaching through computer monitor to take money
Image Girlfriends
Two girls smiling in a field, used in January 2007 Catalyst
Image Gang
Four youths crouching against stone wall, used in January 2007 Catalyst above National Youth Gang Center listing
Image Cop with Student
Cop talks with student in classroom, used in May 2007 Catalyst
Image Substance Abuse
Woman in shadows drinks and smokes
Image Boy Troubled
Teen by window, used in January 2007 Catalyst
Image Domestic Violence
Backlit woman moves from man with arm raised
Image Victim
Woman with bruises
Image ID Theft: Keep Your Identity To Yourself
Woman has her wallet stolen from her purse.
Image Teen Picked On
school hallway, teen points at other teen
Image McGruff and Kid
Little girl hugging McGruff
Image Kids in School
Children learning in school
Image Red Apple on Books
Red apple on a stack of books; used for Resources section of Catalyst 2009
Image Neighborhood and Community
Paper dolls of different "ethnicities" holding hands; the shadow cast by their shapes is a heart
Image Sobriety Test
Officer checks driver's sobriety on the roadside
Image Kid in Underpass
Image Money in Pocket
Image Holding Pills
Image Store Security Mirror
a round security mirror used in retail stores
Image Kids With Safety Sign
Image Hispanic Family in Front of School
Image Bully Free Graffiti Art
Image School Boy on Cell Phone
Image Computer Code
Image American Justice
Image Blue Cell Phone
Image Colored Pencils
File Large McGruff
Image of McGruff for use in media
Image Business Executive
Image Hands Together
Image Tree Trimming
Image Police Officer with Kid
Image Baseball Equipment and Flag
Image Eviction Notice
Image Fire Station
Image Teenagers
Image Senior Citizen
Image Kids
Image Building at Night
Image Graduation
Image Girl at Desk
Image Catching Baseball
Image Economic Trouble
Image Circle of Respect Logo
Image Gun With Caption
Image Police Dispatcher with Caption
Image Sandbags with Caption
Image Simon Malls More Choices Logo
Image The Block at Orange
Image Urban Street with Caption
Image Violence Interrupter with Caption
Image Bullying
Image Checkmark
Image Viruses
Image Youth Crime Watch Logo
Image YCW Table
Image Viruses with Caption
Image Bullying with Caption
Image Black and White Hand with Caption
Image Girl with Pills Caption
Image Kids Removing Graffiti Caption
Image Mental Health Treatment Caption
Image Police Officer Caption
Image Teen With Spray Can Caption
Image World Bomb Caption
Image Firefighter Caption
Image Iron Cross Caption
Image Fair Caption
Image Spray Can
Image Firefighter Closeup
Image Park Volunteers Caption
Image McGruff with LLU Caption
Image McGruff with DC Night Out Caption
Image Flooded Street Caption
Image McGruff with Kid Closeup
Image McGruff with DC Night Out Cropped
Image Kid With Apples thumb
Image Kid With Apples Caption
Image Cleaning Graffiti caption
Image Police Lantern caption
Image Rosalind Wiseman caption
Image New Queen Bees Cover caption
Image Swime Flu Warning thumb
Image Swime Flu Warning caption
Image Law Enforcement Officer caption
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