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This innovative new resource was designed to help adults . . .

Reaching and Serving Teen Victims: A Practical Handbook

nullThis innovative new resource was designed to help adults work more effectively with teenage victims of crime. The handbook gives an overview of adolescent development and the way that victimization affects teens uniquely. It provides strategies for assessing the extent and nature of teen victimization in the community, creating effective outreach, making the service environment teen-friendly, and interacting with teens in helpful and productive ways. It also includes guidance on parent and family involvement and mandatory reporting. This publication is available online in PDF format.

Undeserved Teen Victims Initiative:A Case Study Guide 

This new resource highlights the campaign activities of each site chosen to participate in the UTVI program.  Sites located across the country worked hard to develop resources, host educational events and get the word out on teen victimization.  This guide offers a unique look into each site’s work and celebrates its passion for teen victim outreach. Download here!

Outreach to Underserved Teen Victims of Crime

This guidebook and accompanying Web-based resources provide an overview of the challenges faced in conducting outreach to underserved teen victims of crime and highlights examples of the various projects and resources developed and implemented in local communities in the Underserved Teen Victims Initiative. Download here!


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