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Crime Prevention Coalition of America

Learn More About the CPCA

The Crime Prevention Coalition of America is a nonpartisan group of more than 400 national, state, federal, and community-based organizations united to promote citizen action to prevent crime. Established in 1980, its members include youth development organizations, municipalities, law enforcement agencies, federal and state government representatives, state crime prevention associations, and community-based groups.

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CPCA fact sheet

Coalition Philosophy

The Crime Prevention Coalition of America believes that

Preventing Crime Is

  • Everyone's business
  • More than security
  • A responsibility of all levels and agencies of government
  • Linked with solving social problems
  • Cost-effective

Preventing Crime Requires

  • A central role in law enforcement
  • Cooperation and collaboration by all elements of the community
  • Education
  • Tailoring to local needs and conditions
  • Continual evaluation and improvement

More on the Crime Prevention Coalition

cpca fact sheet

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