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North Carolina

Union Road Church   

An event will be held at Union Road Church.   
Daryle Marr    1663 Backcreek Lane, Robinwood Village    Gastonia    NC    28504   
Union Road Church       

Community Watch Coordinators

Community Watch Coordinators will gather at a conference. The conference will include training, information-sharing, and ways to keep groups growing.   
Kathleen Ruppert    5089 Santa Fe Drive    Fayetteville    NC    28303   
Fayetteville Police Department.    10/15/2011 10:00   

Back-to-School Bash   

A back-to-school bash is planned at First In Sight Optometric Clinic. DARE and the local fire department will be featured, among other things. The organizers hope to have McGruff on hand to provide information on safety for children. The event will emphasize the importance of eye safety as well as child safety. School supplies will be given away.

Rebecca Guthrie    96 Church Sreett North   Concord    NC    28025   
First In Sight Optometric Clinic    8/1/2011 15:00   

21 Vendue Condo Community Watch Meeting and Fire Extinguisher Class   

This event will identify types of fire extinguishers and provide information on their use. Hands-on demonstrations and training will be provided by the Hickory City Fire Department. Information on how to obtain free smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will also be provided.   
Bob Kosick    1352 21st Avenue Northeast    Hickory, Catawba County    NC    28601   
21 Vendue Community Watch    8/10/2011 18:00   

South Lumberton Safe Community Day

This community day will offer opportunities for neighbors to get to know each other and make the community a better place to live. Guest speakers will include former gang members, who will talk about gang prevention and intervention. Discussions on school bullying, drug use, and gun violence will also be featured.   
James Smith    1701 Maryland Street    Lumberton    NC    28358   
Project Hope Inc    8/27/2011 10:00   

Country Club Hills Community Day   

The residents of Country Club Hills will host a community day for neighbors to get to know their neighbors. Crime prevention specialists will make presentations.   
Sandra Everett-Autry    467 Hay Street    Fayetteville    NC    28301   
Fayetteville Police Department    10/15/2011 0:00   

Drive To Save Lives   

The entire month of October will feature information about safety and crime prevention for the Farm Pond and surrounding communities. The need for this sort of project is great, as there have been many unfortunate events in the Farm Pond area in which residents did not have the necessary skills, information, or training to act appropriately. MYLC hopes that this project will help the residents of the Farm Pond community and the surrounding communities become better prepared for future unfortunate events. Eighty people will be trained and certified free of charge in child/adult CPR, standard first aid, and use of  the automated external defibrillator (AED). There will be a Haloweeen trick or treat celebration on October 30. One of the main goals is to improve the morale of the community. The organizers believe that helping people better results in a better community.     
Martina Jones    5441 Springset Drive #F    Charlotte    NC    28212   
MYLC    10/1/2011 10:00   

Drive To Save Lives   

Children will spend the evening going from car trunk to car trunk, collecting candy from volunteers who have decorated their vehicles to serve as a backdrop for this "spooktacular" event on October 30. Please visit the website at for more details about the Drive to Save Lives.   
Martina Jones    5441 Springset Drive #F    Charlotte    NC    28212   
MYLC    10/30/2011 17:00    

Neighborhood Safety Night   

All active Community Watch groups within the area will come together as each neighborhood shares information and tips for actively patrolling neighborhoods and combatting crime.   
Latoya Gordon    8434 Cliffdale Road    Fayetteville    NC   28314   
Fayettteville Police Department    7/9/2011 11:00   

National Night Out   

This event will celebrate police and community awareness and the need to keep communities drug-free. It will be an opportunity to provide giveways to many deserving neighborhoods.   

Constance King    8434 Cliffdale Road    Fayetteville    NC   28314   
Fayetteville Police Department    8/2/2011 23:05   

Fall Safety Day   

This event is open to particpation by children of all ages. The crime prevention unit will use this opportunity to promote Celebrate Safe Communities. There will be a display to enhance public awareness for families.   
Connie King    8434 Cliffdale Road    Fayetteville    NC   28311   
Fayetteville Police Department    10/15/2011 10:00   

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