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South Carolina

Neighborhoods Celebrating a Safer Greenwood, SC

Beginning September 14th running through October, neighborhood and community associations from throughout Greenwood County will come together for evenings of fellowship, education and support to local law enforcement and emergency services agencies. 

Last year, an estimated 2,500 Greenwood County Citizens participated in the event in some 28+ different neighborhoods and 4,000 Greenwood County homes received information. Registrations for 2013 Neighborhoods Celebrating a Safer Greenwood, SC have already begun.

In addition to NCSG, Healthy Greenwood Neighborhoods will be hosting and/or supporting events weekly during the month of October in recognition of Celebrate Safe Communities and National Crime Prevention Month.

ï National Fire Prevention Week (October 6-12) - Fire Station Tours 

ï Neighborhood Crime Prevention Class - Monday, October 14th - 5:00 pm - Greenwood Metro 

ï Breakfast with Law Enforcement ñ Shoneyís of Greenwood - Wednesday, October 23rd 

ï Red Ribbon Week - October 23-31st 

The following Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies are invited to participate: 

Greenwood County Emergency Preparedness, Greenwood County Sheriffís Office, Greenwood County Volunteer Fire Departments, Greenwood City Fire Department, Ware Shoals Police Department, Ninety Six Police Department, Greenwood City Police Department, SC Department of Natural Resources, and South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Toni Able 110 Phoenix Street Greenwood SC 29646

Healthy Greenwood Neighborhoods, Inc Date/Time of Event: Sep 17, 2013 05:00 PM

Northside Community Day

Community trash pick-up and afterwards we will have games for the children and educational material about community involvement for the adults. Food will be available and all events including food are FREE!!!
Robert Taylor 145 W Broad St Spartanburg SC 29306

Spartanburg Public Safety Department Date and Time of the Event: Apr 13, 2013 09:00 AM

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