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North Carolina

Cambridge Arms Community Engagement Day

The goal of this event is to engage the residents of the Cambridge Arms apartment community and empower them with the knowledge they would need to help make their home a better place to live. Cambridge Arms currently lacks citizen involvement in the process to clean up the community. We are hoping to inspire as well as educate as many people as possible.

Rachael Songalewski 467 Hay Street Fayetteville NC 28301

[Fayetteville Police Department] Date and Time of the Event: Jul 12, 2012 06:30 PM

Career Day   

This event will be at the elementary school for kids during career day.  Crime Prevention Specialists will promote safety and stranger danger to kids. This event will be educational and fun.

New Century Career Day    8434 Cliffdale Road    Fayetteville    NC    28314       

[Fayetteville Police Department ]   Date and Time of the Event: 5/3/2012 9:00

Bonnie Doone Empowerment Day   

For many years, Bonnie Doone was one of the most destructive and widespread areas for prostitution and drugs in Fayetteville.  This endangers children living in the vicinity.  The goal of the Bonnie Doone Project started December 2011, to increase citizen involvement, provide beautification opportunities, identify resources for the repair of owner-occupied properties that are below minimum housing standards, and to support these efforts using a cross section of city resources in an attempt to bring this community together and increase overall wellness.

Latoya Gordon    8434 Cliffdale Road    Fayetteville    North Carolina    28314   

[Fayetteville Police Department ]   Date and Time of the Event: 5/19/2012 10:00   


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