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Resources for Audience: Homeowner or neighborhood associations

A List Of Resources and Tools To Help Your Initiative Be Successful.

File Protección de su Información Privada
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Criar Niños Listos y Prudentes
Informative brochure in Spanish
File Home Security Checklist
A checklist for evaluating home safety and security
File Lock Crime OUT of Your Home
Informative brochure on the importance of securing your home
File A Safety Checklist for Apartments
A checklist for evaluating apartment safety and security
File Don't Let Your Guard Down Just Because You Live in the Country
Informative brochure on keeping your home secure in the country
File Don't Make it Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels
Informative brochure on securing your car
File Taking Back Your Neighborhood
Free, helpful resource on making your community safe
File Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch
File Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Law Enforcement Needs Your Help
Informative brochure on how to help law enforcement reduce crime
File United for a Stronger America Citizens' Preparedness Guide
A 31 page booklet on how you should prepare for and respond to an emergency
File Citizen Involvement in Homeland Security Insert
This 8 page booklet provides details on the Neighborhood Watch and Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) programs
File Preventing Identity Theft: A Guide for Consumers
A 16 page full color pdf publication on protecting yourself from identity theft
File Travel Safety Tips Flier
Travel Safety Tips Flier from National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff The Crime Dog.
File Unidos para fortalecer a los Estados Unidos
Full-text publication in Spanish
File Family Link-Up Plan
A simple tool for helping families coordinate during an emergency
ncpcUser Paradise in Hayward Ca.
My Nieghborhood has started a CrimeWatchers Group and we meet every month. We are approx. 15+ members / residents and I was in search for info. and hand outs too promote our group and keep updated with this programs news Im very proud for my neighborhood members / & all the community.Still have a few issues but We do have a lil bit of paradise here on Paradise Blvd. in Hayward Ca,
File Locking Your Home
Tells you what you need to know before buying locks for your house.
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