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Charlton St Safety

We try to keep acquainted with people that may move into the block,we may have meetings as deemed necessary with our local law enforcement

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Dodge County, Beaver Dam , WI
Intended audience(s):
Business owners, Children, Community volunteers, Homeowner or neighborhood associations, Local elected officials, Local government agency officials (other than public safety), Local news media, Members of civic organizations, Military service members and their families, Parents, Representatives of public safety agencies besides law enforcement (fire, emergency services, emergency planning/management), Senior citizens, Teens, Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business)

We have bi-annual block parties to keep acquainted with any new people that may move into the block, we also may have meetings to discuss any issues with our local law enforcement agency/liason, everyone pretty much knows everyone one else and we keep people informed as too what may be going on in and around our neighborhood, We watch out for the children in our areas and make it our job to let the parents of these children know who we are and that  we are watching out for them, This way they (the children ) know where they have a place to go (if they ever and god willing they never need to) but they have a place a safe place to go to get help. The goal is to keep our children and property and our lives safe