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Battle Forest Urban Loop Project

New Urban Loop cutting through heighborhood, Need to work with NCDOT and local Police to voice concerns and reignite our commitment to protecting our community.

Start Date: October 1, 2008
City, State: Greensboro , NC
Intended audience(s):
Children, Homeowner or neighborhood associations, Local elected officials, Local government agency officials (other than public safety), Local news media, Parents, Representatives of public safety agencies besides law enforcement (fire, emergency services, emergency planning/management), Senior citizens, Teens, Watch groups (Block, Neighborhood, Business)
 The Greensboro Urban Loop is part of the N.C. Department of Transportation’s plan to build an urban loop around Greensboro to improve traffic flow within the city. This project proposes to construct a six-lane freeway from US 220 (Battleground Avenue) to Lawndale Drive in Northwest Greensboro. This project will take several homes from our community and will be redirecting an extremely large amount of increased traffic through the Battle Forest community via Cottage Place and Cotswald Terrace which run through the heart of our community. Our neighborhood will become the only cut-through to vendors like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and others along the developing Battleground Ave corridor.  With no sidewalks available, our kids ride their bikes and scooters along our neighborhood streets. With the increased traffic that you will send us, that will no longer be a safe option.  When contruction begins, we will see a large number of new vehicles in our heighborhood and we need to make sure we keep our vigilance in watching out for our heighbors. We are already working with the NCDOT to look for options in the new Urban Loop plans.  If our requests for changes are not allowed, we will need to work closely with the local police department on ways to safeguard ourselves from threats like Home Invasions, scams and any others not foreseen.

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