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Be Safe and Sound Newsletter

The National Crime Prevention Council will no longer publish the Be Safe and Sound newsletter, but past issues are available below.

Past Issues

June 2005: Safe and Secure, To and From School (PDF)
Safe and Secure, To and From School
Local Programs Get Kids Walking To School--Safely
Walk-to-School Resources and Tools
Neighborhood Safety Resources from NCPC
GPS Technology Helps Track Buses

Spring 2004: Preventing Bullying (PDF)
Columbine Five Years Later: Are Our Schools Safer Now?
In the Spotlight: The Ophelia Project
Bullying: What's New and What To Do
Learn More About Bullying Prevention
Be Safe and Sound Welcomes New Partners
National PTA Advocates for Safe and Secure Schools
Nextel Communications: Connecting Schools and Communities

Winter 2004: Safer Schools by Design (PDF)
Be Safe and Sound: An Expanding Initiative
Faces Behind the Campaign
In the Spotlight: New York State Center for School Safety
New School Safety and Security Toolkit Encourages Parent-School Collaboration
Safer Schools by Design / Learn More About CPTED Online
Conference Schedule

Fall 2003: Be Safe and Sound Pilots (PDF)
America's Safe Schools Week
Caregivers Guide' Give Parents Information to Increase School Safety and Security
Initiatives in Motion: Be Safe and Sound Pilot School Update
School Safety Centers Enhance Safety and Security

Summer 2003: Be Safe and Sound Launch (PDF)
To Leave No Child Behind Is To Be Sure All Children Are Safe and Secure
Be Safe and Sound Campaign Debuts
Founding Partners Speak Out About the Campaign
Pilot Schools Are Chosen

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