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Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Tips and resources to help prevent violent crime, plus information and publications for victims of violence

The news is full of stories about people who have been raped, robbed, mugged, or otherwise assaulted, and everyone cringes when they hear these reports. Who hasn’t feared becoming one of these victims? The truth, however, is that the incidence of personal violence has dropped to its lowest level in almost three decades.

Violent crime - murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault - was down from a high of 52.3 incidents per 1,000 people in 1981 to just 21.1 incidents per 1,000 in 2004, according to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice. Aggravated assault - which involves attack with a weapon or attack without a weapon that results in serious injury - was down even more sharply, from 12.4 incidents per 1,000 people in 1977 to just 4.3 incidents per 1,000 in 2004.

Everyone - and this applies to residents of big cities, small towns, and even rural areas - needs to be careful, but these lower rates of crime are evidence that if people are vigilant and take common-sense precautions, crime can be prevented.

Information about Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Protect Yourself From Violent Crime
A list of tips for adults on staying safe

What to Teach Kids About Strangers
Information about the differences between strangers kids should look out for and strangers kids can trust

Leaving Kids Home Alone
Advice for parents on making sure kids are safe while home alone

Teen Victims of Crime
Facts about teen victims of crimes and how to protect yourself

Techniques for teaching people how to stay safe

Training on Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Campus Crime Prevention
Professional Training From NCPC and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA)

Products and Publications on Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Designing Safe Spaces: Involving Children and Youth in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
This book focuses on crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), a method of designing or modifying the physical environment in a way that positively influences human behavior

Preventing Violence Against Women: Not Just a Women's Issue
This book outlines ways in which violence affects women; discusses role of fear in influencing women's behavior; explores possible causes of violence; and offers profiles of prevention-oriented programs

50 Strategies to Prevent Violent Domestic Crime
Takes readers behind the scenes of some of the best programs in 36 states with a discussion of the partnerships and components necessary to successfully apply strategies in any setting.

Programs on Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Teens, Crime, and the Community
Teens, Crime, and the Community is a program that believes smarter youth make safer communities

Youth Outreach for Victim Assistance
Teens are victimized by crime at alarmingly high rates - they are twice as likely as adults to become victims of violent crime

Downloadable Resources on Violent Crime and Personal Safety

Title Description Size
File Violence by Teenage Girls Research Brief on "Girls Study Group; Understanding and Responding To Girls’ Delinquency." (June, 2008) 42.0 kB
File Your Inside Look at Crime Prevention: McGruff Files This basic booklet explains the need for both individual and community prevention efforts; provides basic home, personal, and neighborhood prevention strategies... 704.3 kB
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