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Resources for Audience: Parents

A List Of Resources and Tools To Help Your Initiative Be Successful

File Kids: Be a Good Cyber Citizen!
A list of tips for kids about how to stay safe online and have fun
File Safe Surfing for Teens
Informative brochure about staying safe online
File Newspaper Mat: Tips for Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet
A short NewsUSA article for parents about keeping kids safe online
File Home Security Checklist
A checklist for evaluating home safety and security
File Lock Crime OUT of Your Home
Informative brochure on the importance of securing your home
File A Safety Checklist for Apartments
A checklist for evaluating apartment safety and security
File Don't Go Up In Smoke
Reproducible handout that identifies the risks of smoking for teenagers
File Talking to Your Kids About Drugs
Reproducible brochure for parents with tips on how to talk to children about drugs
File Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch
File Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Sexual Assault is About Power, Control & Anger
A reproducible brochure about the prevention and consequences of rape and sexual assault
File Ready for Kindergarten?
A cartoon strip about preparing your children for kindergarten
File The Right Kind of Shooting
McGruff Toon
File Normal Kids
A cartoon strip that shows normal kids don't use drugs.
File Reaching and Serving Teen Victims: A Practical Handbook
This 41 page publication deals with helping teenage victims of crime
File Don't Let Your Family Go Down the Tube - Use Television Wisely
Free, helpful resource
File Newspaper Mat: Eight Crime Prevention Tips for Teens
Free, helpful resource
File Family Link-Up Plan
A simple tool for helping families coordinate during an emergency
File Safer Seniors (PDF)
Want to conquer fear and prevent crime? Take these common-sense precautions. Informative brochure.
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