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All CSC Resources

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File Lock Crime OUT of Your Home
Informative brochure on the importance of securing your home
File A Safety Checklist for Apartments
A checklist for evaluating apartment safety and security
File Don't Let Your Guard Down Just Because You Live in the Country
Informative brochure on keeping your home secure in the country
File Disaster Preparedness: A Checklist
Free, helpful resource to make sure you're prepared in the event of a disaster
File Working Safely At Home
Informative brochure on working safely from home
File Don't Make it Easy for a Thief to Steal Your Wheels
Informative brochure on securing your car
File Don't Lose a Friend to Drugs
Reproducible brochure for teenagers on preventing drug abuse by their peers
File Has boredom set in? Studies getting you down? IT'S PARTY TIME!
Reproducible brochure with ideas for celebrating safely on campus
File Dying To Drink? The Hard Facts
Informative brochure with facts about alcohol-related accidents for young adults
File Dangers of Drinking
Reproducible brochure with facts and advice about alcohol for teenagers
File Marijuana: Common, Dangerous, and Still Illegal
Reproducible handout on the facts regarding marijuana use and consequences for teenagers
File Don't Go Up In Smoke
Reproducible handout that identifies the risks of smoking for teenagers
File Methamphetamine: Nothing to Rave About
Reproducible brochure about the harmful effects of methamphetamines
File Sniffing Your Life Away
Reproducible brochure about the dangers of inhalant abuse and how to prevent it
File Talking to Your Kids About Drugs
Reproducible brochure for parents with tips on how to talk to children about drugs
File Responding to Methamphetamine, Washington State's Promising Example
A report on the methods Washington state used to respond to increasing methamphetamine use
File Taking Back Your Neighborhood
Free, helpful resource on making your community safe
File Take A Stand Against Crime: Join Neighborhood Watch
Informative brochure on reducing crime by participating in Neighborhood Watch
File Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
File Checklist for Starting a Neighborhood Watch
Free, helpful resource on starting a Neighborhood Watch program
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